Wednesday, August 1, 2007

My heart is a sweet maui onion....

This piece was inspired by a poem written by my good friend Royce! This has been a week of noncommitment from me! I am going through some changes and my energy this past week and a half has gone down different streets, and my creativity has been in the background patiently waiting to be rediscovered!! As I peeled back the layers of my heart and discover some truths about myself, reconnected with dreams I have, and break old habits, this poem came back into my heart! And then there was the post by Cheryl B...who honored the artists who post here and what they have to say! My creative voice smiled, my creative voice cried as I exposed one more layer of my sweet maui onion!
It does not show up very well in this photo but the background for this little 4 by 4 is all matellic paint!! DELICIOUS!
Thank you Royce, Thank you Cheryl B...and many thanks to all who leave such wonderful heartfelt comments!
Artfully Yours,

Poem by Royce Addington ©2006

Peel back the fragile layers
And what do we choose to see
Beware and go with caution
For it’s a place you will forever “BE”

There’s no turning back
The essence unfolds…
Pungent and Powerful
Sometimes Painful
Sometimes Bold

Personal Truths may await you
Stark realizations unwittingly keep you bound
Ruthless disappointment may reign within
Hope and Desire
They MUST be found!

Transparent as dragonfly wings
Thick as crimson blood
What is revealed
May be quite clear
Or Quicksand
Or Mud

If all fears were but illusion
The inner critics banished for eternity
Self-sabotage would be non-existent
This freedom is Passion’s key

Without self-doubt or recrimination
Where could our imaginations flow
Possibilities are infinite
The sweet heart of our inner Universe
Always waits to tell us so…


happydays525 said...

What a lovely analogy and you carried out your thoughts so well...beautiful painting, thanks for sharing!

megan said...

Hey's a thought. In this post you use a telling metaphor about going down different streets and in a post I just read on one of your other blogs, you also talked about maps. I think I'm probably projecting here, but I'm going to go right ahead, just in case it strikes a chord with you, too. Sometimes we learn & teach all at the same time. I've been feeling an itch to do some map lay out visually in whatever kind of map comes out...some of my journey, some of my thoughts, some of my're inspiring me to move. thanks!

Cheryl said...

Oh, Pattie, this is lovely! And thanks for your kind comments! You and I have so much more in common than our color choices. Thank you for sharing this!

Zhenia said...

I love the colours you used in this piece.

Nicole said...

Lovely and fab colours ;-)

just me said...

Have you seen the movie or read the book "Holes"? It's a kids book. The first thing I thought of was the sweet onions that kept them alive in that movie. whole idea of sweet onions reminded me of this. Too true, a creative and good looking analogy/piece.

pangolin said...

i agree - these colours are just lovely

Cheryl Finley: said...

I bet Maui's onions aren't as beautiful and sweet as this one - it's so colorful and inviting! And yes, those onion layers that peel away and show us more of ourselves, our dreams, our loves, our hearts...well I think those thin onion layers are our tears... be they of joy, release or sorrow; each layer that we peel back exposes our heart and soul and brings us into more intimate relationship with our real selves. It's no wonder that there's somethng inherent in the onion that can make us cry. Thank you so much for sharing you!

Pilar said...


First, I always love to visit your blog because your creations just burst with joy. You can tell your heart just spills with passion from your work. Second, your art is always a technical delight. Each week, you bring such an incredible interpretation in your graphics, color, shadding, line and symbol. You are so generous in your explainations of why you create and what has inspired you. I enjoy reading about the spiritual side of your artwork, which you post and the positive energy you anchor. Thank you for reminding me sometimes we must strip down to our heart and center. :D

Deb G said...

What a powerful image and I think my favorite of what I've seen of your work so far. It reminded me of the song "Onion Girl." It's on a Holly Cole album-can't remember which.

Miriam said...

I have to ask...what is this 4x4 project? I've been a wayward soul w/ IMT lately...and I think I've missed out. Just curious!

Lea Antonio said...

Your title makes me smile :) I love how your work is so vibrant and full of life. Thank you for bringing your joyful perspective to us every week.

DEW said...

This is incredible. I LOVE your color scheme! I love the poem and the interpretation. Just wonderful. I love your style!!

katydiddy said...

Thanks for stopping my blog for a visit. Love yours-you have a lot of them! I'll be checking-in again!

Julia said...

Wow girl , I love the colors and shapes you use !!

laurel said...

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and your art. I loved both.