Thursday, August 30, 2007

H2O AGAIN....."SISTERS" here it is a NEW Thursday, and I am just posting my second watercolor! This has been sitting on my desk for the last 5 days!! WHY?????? HUMMMM...GOOD QUESTION! I guess it still all comes down to not feeling the least bit confident with watercolors....And still really not liking the difference from acrylic! UNFAMILIAR would be the proper word...But, then I finally had to GET OVER IT!! because, I DID IT...I STEPPED OUTSIDE MY BOX ONCE AGAIN...and that alone deserves to post this little painting which is titled: SISTERS!
Now I am hoping that Melanie changes the prompt so I can get back to my real thing!! TEE-HEE!!
Artfully Yours,


Andrew said...

Just found your blog today and love your paintings. I am soon to start taking lessons. Have drawn and sketched for years, but painting will be new to me. Take care!

Brahdelt said...

Whatever you say about not being comfortable with watercolors - I think this painting is great! *^v^*

Lise Richards said...

Hi Pattie!

I have missed participating and going round to the blogs to see the wonderful results - and especially your art. This is terrific. I can't imagine that you are not comfortable with watercolors. This is awesome - AS USUAL!



Royce Addington: said...

I don't think that the watercolors know you're not comfortable with them! These three pears have such character and personality...I feel as though they are talking, companionably, with one another!

lee said...

I love the watercolour you did a great job and I love the name, I am from a family of three sisters......and we are all different.