Sunday, October 21, 2007

Out of Control

Weekly Creative Prompt:

This week at Inspire Me Thursday, our theme is Control. Take this topic in whatever direction you wish, perhaps thinking about your creative process and what you control and what you don’t control… or perhaps choosing to illustrate this concept drawing inspiration from life or fiction.

This is a page from my "BLUE FUNK" journal....When I feel myself getting out of control I promised my Shadow Muse I would let her write in this blue journal...I did not keep my promise and this is what she did!! I can fall into a non creative and very BLUE period if I do not honor my shadow side...Once I became aware of the fact that all I had to do was give her a journal... she had a voice where she could speak and let me know what was going on then I began to understand that she was NOT there to bring me down...but rather she was there to help me understand more about myself...But, a promise is a promise!! LOL...So, this is her way of telling me so! (if you look closely you will see that butterfly is really a mouth screaming out of control!) She really got her point across to me!!
Anyhow, I did not do a 4 by 4 for this prompt because well....I am out of control getting ready to go on a holiday for 10 days....See you when I get back!!
Artfully Yours,


lee said...

Love your control......I am having a hard time with this one. Have a great holiday...I got your email , thankyou.....Hope you have great weather..

Pilar said...

I never thought about creating a "blue funk" journal. Great idea! Sometimes we need to have our shadow muse honored! Have a great holiday!

Kimberley McGill said...

What a fabulous idea - "blue funk" journal! Something to think about.

I like the butterfly/ screaming mouth - I think that's how my shadow side emerges, by morphing the sweet into symbols of what is sometimes just beneath the skin.

Laura B said...

Thank you for sharing this! I am working through a book at the moment "Recovery of your inner child" by lucia capacchione, and your blue journal seems similar. It's amazing what the inner us is shouting and screaming, but we chose to ignore :)

katy said...

I really like what you wrote about your shadow muse, made me think about how important it is to have one. Thanks for that! katy

Spontanity said...

Also out of control, so I am:)
Greetz from holland