Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A cup of love...

I did this little drawing a while ago...but I still enjoy it....Several years ago I had a one woman show at Starbucks and did quite a few COFFEE themed paintings! Must be a favorite theme because they sold very quickly!! Nothing like a good cup of coffee!!! (or in my case...a good POT of coffee!)
Artfully Yours,


Anonymous said...

quite interesting and colorful :)

laurel said...

I just love this illustration you did! Wonderful colors and elements.

Kstyles said...

This is a great illo. I love all of the designs and colors.

s.l.greek said...

i'm a sucker for the heart motiff , and coffee what a wonderful pairing. lovely illo.

Julia said...

Love it! And below I saw that awesome bra !!

Halo Hill said...

Pink and Green together, Hearts, a Bird AND Coffee????????? O HOW I ADORE THIS!!! I think you must have channeled all the things I love this day!

Rock on!


Halo Hill said...

OMG, hearts, birds, coffee, pink and green! All of my favorite things!!! This BRIGHTENS my day! Thank you so much for showing it to us! I LOVE IT!

More Hugs,


Halo Hill said...

What a nut I am! The last two comments are almost 3 months apart and they're both from me. OMG, is it dementia? Alzheimer's? Great, just what I need. What was I saying?

Anonymous said...

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